Female Torso

Escape Artist
Escape Artist

"Living on an outdoor pig farm,
chasing escaped animals and
trying to catch them is part of the scene.
A small weaner pig is unbelievably
hard to catch once it is free. They
stand still, stare at you, and no
matter which way you dive at the
pig, it manages to go the other way,
leaving you empty handed and
covered in mud. It will then stop a
few yards away, willing you to
repeat the whole humiliating
process. You can just about see
it laughing at you!"


Bobbie Watchorn : Sculptures

Ceramics, all hand built, with individual pieces from £40 to approx £400 and cold cast bronzes (in limited editions of approx 20) from £75.

The images on this page are not to scale but for illustration only. If you are interested in buying one then please email Bobbie for details by clicking on the following link. Bobbie Watchorn

Artist statement

I have lived most of my life in the countryside. Married to a farmer with 3, now grown up children, I spend a lot of my time in the rural environment, observing both domesticated and non domesticated animals. I often find that something quirky, amusing, or characterful strikes me and I wish to capture it in form. Having drawn and painted from childhood, I find I can express myself most freely with the three dimensional image. I work mainly in clay and wax and will often do several “sketch pieces” to see what seems to work from all angles, as essentially sculpture should work in the round. I aim to develop a portfolio of work of both ceramic individual pieces and limited edition cold cast bronzes.

My aim is to capture the spirit of the subject without always portraying it in a totally literal sense. I hope that my work conveys a mixture of the essence of the subject and a little bit of me! I will often work in binge sessions when I am excited by my subject, no-one gets fed and the house gathers dust! I am drawn to the gentle humour of subjects and the shapes they create within a space. I would like others to see the subject perhaps in a way not always thought of before. For example, the beautiful and elegant Weimeraner dog is a complete clown when upside down!

Where's My Beer

42 x 35 cms

42 x 35cms

"This portrait is of our farm manager’s dog. He is a cheeky laid back Jack Russell, who eats too much and loves a beer! I was amazed to see him sitting just like this in the local pub. An enquiring look on his face, leg tucked under, head on one side and barking until someone gave him a bowl of beer!"


44 x 70 cms

44 x 70cms

Having kept pet rats I have to admire the species for their ingenuity, socialising skills and sheer ability to optimise their own success, no matter how hard we try to control them. There is a saying that nobody is ever more than 10 metres from a rat!!."

Tawny Owl and Mice

Leaping Dog

Rat's Hole

Tawny Owl

30 x 49 cms

Leaping dog

34 x 73cms

18 x 24 cms

"I saw a tawny owl at a raptor display with this wonderful "one eye open and one shut" expression and wanted to put it down for posterity.."

"I love playing with my dog and wanted to capture her  “in flight”  The ears were irresistible!"

"Yet more rats…. You either love them or loath them!"


On guard duty

46 x 32 cms
"My cheeky Jack Russell used to bow like this when she wanted to
play, I could not resist capturing the pose."

33 x 15cms
"My beloved Weimeraner lies just like this in front of the Aga
and has the firm opinion that humans answer
door bells, not dogs!"

3 Little Pigs

Frog on a Log

22 x 10 cms
"Not much I can say about this except that I could not resist doing a few studies of our boys and girls!"


20 x 9cms
"This was inspired on a trip to Australia, it rained and the frogs were everywhere! In the loo, wardrobe, and under the bed. They all stared at you, as if you were intruding on their territory!"


Fowl and Frog

16 x 12 cms

Fowl and Frog
16 x 18cms

More memories of Australia."

"I love guinea fowl! Such arrogant amusing birds, incredibly nosey and noisy, we had one called Gertie."


half life size
"I was lucky enough to have this beautiful young half Italian girl model for me, I could just imagine her peering out from under a bush in the garden, giving enormous pleasure to those who happen to see her!"

Wild Boar

half life size

"Having been on a walking holiday in the Pyrenees,  we saw a
wild boar peering at us through the bushes, that essentially
piggy look and expression of “nobody messes with this pig!”
inspired me to try to capture the character of this animal
without being too literal. They are fearsome but highly
amusing creatures and I wanted to capture it"

Old Elephant

36 x 27cms

"A holiday in Thailand, watching the domestic elephants working
and seeing how much they are loved and respected and the relationship they have with their owner, ignited my interest in
these creatures. They derive huge pleasure from the simple
things in life, such as a bath or a good scratch and always
make the most of it".

On the shelf

The Girl In The Hat

22 x 30cm

23 x 49cm

23 x 49cm

On holiday in Hungary I spotted a pretty girl sitting in the crook of an open window high up in a building, this inspired this piece. It is meant to be hung in the window frame so it is silhouetted when looked at from both sides, the dangling leg hanging free in space.

Walking along the beach in the summer, inspiration came from
a young woman standing near the water’s edge just curling her toes
in the sand and sea, the wind was blowing and her form was clearly
visible beneath her summer clothes."

Wild Goose Chase

55 x 46cms

This was done to remind my eldest son of a time when he was 3 or 4 when he was chased by one of our ganders up the orchard and through the gate! It had hold of the seat of his overalls. Wicked mum that I am I could not stop laughing…!

Nelson and the Beetle

31 x 38cms

My son's Labrador is the softest dog ever, one day he got a wasp on his nose, He didn’t get stung but I wanted to catch his expression! I felt it was not kind for him to be captured for eternity with a wasp so changed it for a rather fine beetle.



Wild Boar and 3 little pigs





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